Saturday, March 14, 2009

What goeth before a fall?

How silly. Me: carrying an empty plastic cat carrier, by its handle, through the kitchen. Catching a foot on something and falling with the carrier sliding across the floor, still in my grip. Bouncing off a knee, hip and part of the left eyebrow bone. Icing the brow to prevent a black eye. Icing the knee. Forgetting to ice the hip until later. Doing that now.

I still bounce well, but . . .

Tomorrow, you can probably call me gimpy.


Zeta said...

Oh my goodness. Hold on while I make a phone call. Okay, I'm back. Whew, glad to have heard you were feeling better and managed to laugh about your experience.

Susan said...


The description made me grimmace.

Feeling any better?

RANGER said...

A bit better, thanks Susan. It is a slow process, though.