Friday, March 13, 2009

Where's the hand lotion?

Here today, the humidity is 58% which makes for dry skin, crunchy grass, and no cloud cover. Our humidity easily can climb into the 90's. Humid saturation of 100% is not uncommon. Often in such weather, no rain will fall to relieve anyone who has to venture outside. Or work outside. One can get as wet as a fish in such an environment and yet be parched for water.

Yesterday was one of our two allowable weekdays to irrigate. J opened the taps, so to speak, and today there is a haze of green over the brown underfoot. So it's not as dead as it looked.

Our tap water is safe to drink yet tastes of chemicals. Occasionally it is treated with an overabundance of chlorine to ensure its safety. There are announcements before that is done so that the populace does not panic at the smell.

Small wonder that we buy bottled water, although when the humidity climbs, it feels as if one should be able to breathe deeply and take in half a glassful at a time.

The way it is now? So dry? Visitors love it . . .


ol Doc said...

I love when the atmosphere is just dry enough that you feel as though you slathered lotion on your skin and it sunk in and is doing gorgeous things to your whole body. Your sense of well-being is just enhanced and the sky seems so much bluer.

We have a couple of rivers that are rising in the North Central Florida area. Must be that snow-melt making its way down our way. No rain to speak of lately. The Dogwoods are so lovely, they think its Spring now and they're probably right!

RANGER said...

Ooh, email me pix of the dogwoods. Are the clouds of Marigolds back, too?