Sunday, March 15, 2009

Further adventures . . .

Yep, I'm stiff as a pillar of salt after the fall yesterday. Mineral Ice was my best friend last night and thank goodness for it.

No black eye, though. Fortunately.

Mew is on antibiotic, by mouth for a sneezing bout. Liquid. She is such a good kitty when we must insult her dignity with such goings on.

One could not prove it by her behavior at the Vet's office. She can be heard all through the offices, shouting feline imprecations and threatening dire consequences. Often, our Vet does minor procedures in front of us because she behaves, then. Our Vet was not there yesterday and BigEd, who took her in, saw the doctor on duty. (We were both supposed to take her but I was sitting at home with ice stuck to various locations.)

We aways take along two towels and a plastic bag when she has to visit the Vet's office. We always need a clean towel for her carrier-liner for the trip home. And we need a plastic bag to transport the used one home for sanitizing.

I can't explain to her that the technicians in the back room are not actually trying to kill her. However, she trusts us and doesn't try to kill them if we are present while they take her temp or give her shots.

Goooood kitty . . .


Zeta said...

Glad to hear Mew is feeling better along with Rangermom. Dad told me a few years ago; we start to patch our bodies as we get older. He forgot to mention about the ice as a resource of the patch process.

ol Doc said...

Actress Mary Martin said, "After 40, it's just patch, patch PATCH!" She forgot to mention the ice.

Sorry to hear about Sister falling; usually it's me doing that! Last time was Christmas 2 years ago. Caught a foot in a piece of chain looped under a box and staggered all over before coming crashing down on one knee. Therapy time! I was in the barn, looking for Christmas lights. Susan came to visit on year and rang the doorbell. Said she heard a WHUMP from inside the house. Mom had caught a foot under the phone cord across the pocket door and - oopsy! Tommy duct taped the cords down across the opening and we mostly keep that door closed now. One good thing, as long as no bones are broken - healing comes eventually.

Bluegrass Mama said...

I hope you and Mew are both feeling better soon. When our kitty was on antibiotics, the vet suggested giving her a teaspoon of plain yogurt a couple of times a day to alleviate some unfortunate side effects. She loved the yogurt so much that I ended up just mixing the antibiotic in with it, because she scarfed up every bit. I don't know if that would work for Mew, but it was a lot easier than trying to force medicine down our cat's throat!

RANGER said...

o1 Doc: We don't bounce back so readily, do we. This is a heads up to look where I'm going when I am carrying something.

Zeta: Yes, better today. Yesterday I went to the doc who gave me two shots and a muscle relaxer.

Bluegrass Mama: We had discovered Mew likes ham. So we put some shreds on a paper plate within visual and smelling distance. Yesterday, she went to the ham right after the dose.

We will have to try yogurt, and thanks.