Saturday, July 4, 2009

At least it wasn't a 'gator

* * *
Happy Fourth of July
* * *

Yesterday, on the third, we suffered an invasion. When I opened the side door, a small toad hopped past my feet and came inside, sure of its welcome. It was so wrong. It went under the freezer and we could not find it, thereafter. Believe me, we looked.

We feared fatal results should the cat find it because, in passing, it looked like a miniature Bufo marinus (or Cane Toad) which exudes poison when frightened. Mew can be pretty frightening in predator mode. So we locked her away (with sustenance and sandbox) and watched some television.

J jumped up with his shoe in hand and attacked the rug at the baseboard. Bringing him paper towels and windex was my job. He had seen the culprit hopping across the rug. I had missed it completely. Mew is safe, now.

I can't say as much for the toad . . .


ol Doc said...

Eeuw...smooshing frogs indoors? That's an outside activity. Capturing frogs under cups (styrofoam of course) is the indoor version. Then, you takes the soon and future corpse outside and then you smooshes it/him/her and holds a semi-Viking funeral. No fire or water, just dump the deceased in the trash can in a sack.

Zeta said...

Fffrrrooooggggssss. They jump, hop, skip or just show up out the blue. Wonder if you can hear them move under the sytrofoam? LOL semi-Viking funeral.

RANGER said...

A shoe is so handy. Agreed, I have caught lizards under a cup and liberated them into the hedges.

Consider that this one was probably deadly if not apprehended on sight, (at least to those of us who hunt with claws and fangs).

Shhh, Mew doesn't know . . .