Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oh Frabjous Day . . .

How does a one-day turnaround on A/C repair sound? Sounded well to the ear. Appeared most favorable to the eye. Felt like the Winter of Our disContent had arrived.

It was indeed the fan motor. Scott Appliances had one in stock. It was installed at their location and returned to our location in one afternoon. They are the most efficient (family run) appliance business.

Ahhhh, A/C in the semi-tropics. Artificial breezes. Canned air.

How did the older pioneers not melt?


Zeta said...

They may have slept during the higher temps and gathered during cooler part of the day. Hum, wonder how their laundry would have dried during the night breeze? Fire for food, H20 for clothes, and night wind for AC.

ol Doc said...

Plus the native American pioneers slept above ground in chickees for coolness. What I wonder about is the bug problems... smoke for mosquitoes, palmetto fronds for roaches (swat) and sleep in the canoe for the sand flies so the night wind will blow them away. Works for me.

RANGER said...

I would miss the boxes of Combat (baits) for ants and roaches. I just change 'em out more frequently than the info on the box recommends, down here. Pouf, there they go. There needs to be something you could put out to remove traffic.

Remember Mommas saying that the light she went through was just pale pink, not red?