Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who said organizing was easy . . .

We had to move the computer desk temporarily. It was in the path of an air conditioner repair person.

In moving the long-standing accumulation, I winnowed through it and made some discoveries. The reading glasses (which I used only to read miniscule [4-6 point] type or blue-on-white lettering) were found. I didn't miss them much but was annoyed with myself over misplacing them. They had dropped between the side of the desk and the printer table.

I finally threw out the last cardboard container of stuff from when I retired. I haven't yet thrown out the CD which contains the procedures I originated while I was working. It has a sentimental value which has something to do with nostalgia. Haven't quite figured out why. When I do, I will probably cut 'er up and discard the pieces.

The surface of the desk should be easier to keep free from dust now that the laptop and docking station are the major occupants. Well, except for the pen holder (an old empty square candle jar), several boxes which were folded using mad Origami techniques (holding business cards, whiteout, staple remover, and a Creative Zen with earbuds. I don't have speakers yet, so there are Delta Airline earphones attached to the docking station. The cord is short but at least I can hear sound with 'em.

Various cables snake over the backside of the desk from the docking station, too. Scotch tape dispenser and stapler. Then there are the router and DSL modem with their cables. And occasionally, the cat, who is independent of cables.

Actually, I guess dusting isn't as easy as I thought . . .


Zeta said...

Creative Zen with buds. That is adorable. Does the cat really leave he cables alone? Need something! This statement comes to mind as I read about your Delta Airline earphones. Spring cleaning creates a nice surprise when you find a missing treasure.

ol Doc said...

Spring cleaning. Hmmm. Seems like if you had a long haired cat, you could let her roam the desktop and eliminate dusting.

We once cleaned out a toybox and found a white pair of Pan Am cover-alls.

RANGER said...

I can imagine the long tufts of fur wafting on to surfaces.

At least there is none of Mew's fur clinging to the earbuds of the MP3 player. I use a Creative Zen because it is compatible with audible books from he library. Download to laptop, sync with Zen, and go.