Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Adventures in laundering . . .

This is Ole Faithful. It is of a venerable age and would still have a good home if it had not decided to succumb to stubbornness.

It notified us by a burning electrical odor. We had never smelled that before, in all its life. It was more likely to remove than to produce smells.

It was a Maytag when it worked. Now it is one of the largest paper weights in the world. It died
(moment of silence) yesterday around mid-day.

J said it was not revive-able due to its great age. Also said that perhaps I should decide on a new one. Huh, comparison shopper is one of my middle names. So is emergency shopper.

Now, this is the unbelievable part: a Maytag, which used to live at Best Buy, is being adopted by us and will is scheduled to arrive today between noon and two. Today? Yes, the next day.

There is more goodness. The specs on the 'net site said that the new one does not have a hand wash cycle. Other cycles yes, but not that one. Except, except, when BigEd and I went to actually meet it in person, we found that it does! Same model number. I checked.

Oh, yes, someone who had rated a washer for Best Buy bragged
wrote about having the delivery and installation fee waived at the register. I printed the review and showed it to the salesman. He took it to his manager. They waived my fees at the register, too.

It is ironic
that, after being so pleased about the hand wash cycle, the first load is going to be a bunch of towels . . .


ol Doc said...

Sympathies on the demise of the old and then smiles for the new-baby arrival & Ring in the New!

Figure, if it handles towels with success, it's bound to do well on the hand wash cycle. I've never even had one of those so you KNOW how old our square friend is. It came up with us when we moved. Still sloshing away. (Now that I've said it, watch the thing come to a halt...)

Kristin said...

Where oh where did you find that review?

Bluegrass Mama said...

So now that we've seen Ole Faithful, are you going to post a picture of The Baby? And inquiring minds want to know--is it a front loader? I got one a few months ago and am still in love with it! And yes, it has a hand-wash cycle.

Big Ed said...

The new one is a top loader. there wasn't much of a backlog, but hey, it still had loads to wash. As a matter of fact, it is sloshing away now.

RANGER said...

0l Doc This washer actually gets the clothes cleaner than our old one did. I think our old one was more elderly than the one you took away with you. Probably, anyway.

Kristin, the review came from the bestbuy-dot-com web site. If you search their site for Maytag, 3.2 cu.ft., a list of washers appears. Click on the first one and read the customer review. Toward the bottom of the review are details about the writer of the review having the delivery fee waived at the register.
The washer in the review is not the washer I bought. Mine is 4.0 cubic feet. Didn't matter. If they waive the fee for one customer, they will for another customer. Or that's how it worked in our case.

Bluegrass Mama We might have indeed bought a front loader but do not have the room to swing the door open. Had to open from the top for us.

Anonymous said...

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