Friday, August 21, 2009

Dum, da duh-duh

This was another extreme temp day. I went out in the early (well, 7:15) coolth to take a car to the Mac Genius of mechanics. He is a car whisperer who knows us, the vehicles, and his business. Among other things, I asked him to check the valves on our tires as there has been a spate of cracked valves on some tires.

Want to feel like a naive infant? Have your mechanic tell you that the valves in your tires are metal and contain sensors which let you know when they are low on air. I knew this, I swear.
After he said it, I even recalled what the picture of the icon looks like in the manual.

He said that kind of valve almost never fails.

There was no extra charge for the education . . .

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Zeta said...

LOL.....hum....LOL. That is funny and I bet he was very polite. Wonder how mush the percentage is for almost.