Monday, August 24, 2009

Who's that knocking at my door . . .

AT&T is teasing us without mercy. Another of their representatives came a-knocking, well, ringing our doorbell, to offer us U-verse.

We explained that a previous U-verse purveyor had actually written up a work order. We had happily chosen the service which was a good fit for us. There was even a rebate offered to us for signing up.

But we had our hopes deflated when. first the automated system, and then a live customer service person, said U-verse is not available where we live.

Where we live
is a Twilight Disappointment Zone.

After we explained he was not the first to bring us such an offer, the second visitor then asked if we wanted him to check on the availability status.

We said, "Sure you can."

We said, "Come back if you find out that it is available, here."

No one has contacted us. No one came back. Sad . . .


Zeta said...

Oh my goodness. One day.

ol Doc said...

I looked on the website for U verse. I wound up asking AT&T to let me know when it's available at my address. Hah! The taunting list of let-me-know-requests must reach outside the upstairs corporate window and is headed towards the ground.

Satellite is looking better and better. One warning to the phone companies. If I once sign up for a dish and modem, you will NEVER get my Intenet business. Never EVER.

Just ask Sears! To this day, I won't sign up for their credit card just 'cause they refused me when I was trying to build credit. Burdines did offer me a Household account and gave me a card when I paid it off. I was loyal to them ever after.....