Sunday, August 16, 2009

Supermarket Serendipity . . .

is a Spanish word for flavor or taste. So it makes perfect sense to name a food market Sabor. The newest one is on our way home from church if I take the route down 87th Avenue toward Coral Way. Sabor is on the southwest corner of a mall that used to contain a JByrons and KMart. Also, Sabor is run by, or is a subsidiary of, Publix.

The whole, eastern, half-or-greater part of that same mall is razed to rocky ground level and fenced off. There are the beginnings of construction visible but nothing is posted to let anyone know what is being built.

I stopped at Sabor because, being new, the restrooms should be nice and clean. Correct. Being new, the selection should be varied until the management figures out what sells and what doesn't for the neighborhood. Also correct.

I may do this agan. The ice cream (sugar free) did not melt by the time I got home so I know it is not too far to carry perishables. And I even stopped
afterward at a BK Steakhouse for Juniors to go, heavy onion.

It is fun to find a new foodie place where the layout is semi-familiar while actually being different. The eye seems to see more with each sweep.

Perhaps the powers-that-build are going to erect a Wal-Mart at the other end of the property. I'll just have to contain myself.

Oh, and keep going
home from church that way . . .


ol Doc said...

Sabor - What a nice sounding name for a supermarket. I wonder if they'll get up this way anytime soon, like the next 10 years? You can almost smell the arroz con pollo. The little produce market on the highway used to only deal in fruits and veggies. She recently reopened and now she sells tamales. Authentic tamales. And cheap work pants. Somehow "Maggies Place" is just not the same as "Sabor"!

Zeta said...

The Sarbor supermarket near Ballys on 137th is clean as well. There is a small coffee and pastry resturant when you walk inside the door. The store was smaller than the Publix near my home; however, it was busy with shoppers spending their money.