Monday, August 17, 2009

Unpaid pronouncement . . .

We have always liked to watch Julia Child do her cooking thing. We used to watch the live programs where kitchen accidents were incorporated into her performance with superb aplomb.

Recently, our PBS channel reran an episode in which she touched a casserole, with her finger and thumb, after she had just removed it from the oven. She said, "Oops, I forgot." and stuck the burned hand behind her back while continuing the demonstration. Occasionally it sneaked out from behind her but was quickly tucked away again. I am sure she had blisters.

Late in her life, Julia wrote My Life in France with the assistance of her husband's great-nephew: Alex Prud'Homme. (I should add it to my favorite books list.)

There is a blog which details the effort of a young woman named Julie to cook her way through Julia Child's cookbook.

The biography and the blog, together, are the basis for the new movie Julie & Julia, which I have yet to see.

How-some-ever. I have located the blog and am working my way through the archives. Reading the first few entries with the knowledge that it will eventually provide a sort of freedom for the author is fascinating.

Click on Julie/Julia Project to reach the first entry, dated August 25, 2002. Use the navigation calendar, on the right side of her page, to read additional entries. The further you read, the better it gets.

PS: Julie throws the F-word around some, on the blog. Not sure why. I try to ignore it, though. Maybe it's a New York thing and not understandable by southerners who would never . . .


Zeta said...

There are 233 comments just for one post. Wow. Did you know she was over 6 feet tall? I never new that until recently.

ol Doc said...

I want to see the movie. Merle Streep seems to channel Julia rather than just play her. I'd make T. go with me but he wasn't into Julia so much. He was more likely to enjoy food than wonder how it was prepared. I'm still the only viewer on the cooking network shows and even program in Ace of Cakes regularly.

RANGER said...

When J and I saw the trailer for the movie, we both thought for a second that Streep was Child, herself.

In the pix in her book, she towers over most men and all of the women: 6'2" if I recall correctly.

Yeah, we should go together. No one in this house, except me, is likely to want to go either.