Thursday, August 20, 2009

Second, Best . . .

Many mango seasons ago, J and I bought a console stereo which, upon delivery and set-up, was discovered to be broken. The store exchanged it for another one which worked for years.

Similar experiences have happened with various other purchases: an air conditioner lost its coolant a week after installation, new television set with a lovely picture but no sound, a refrigerator would not get cold enough,
the A/C on a brand new van quit while we were taking it on its first summer vacation. It began to be funny. We began to laugh about it as the circumstances were enacted again and again with a clothes dryer, coffee maker, toaster and blender.

But now, it is not so funny. The wonderful washer that we have had for two days and which cleans our clothes so well does not approve of me, personally. There is a sharp area on the underside of the door that actually grabbed my nylon robe. The robe was dangling from the base of the door in a strange manner - as if it did not want to be washed. I freed it and I now have a little cut on the tip of my thumb as a souvenir of the encounter.

I telephoned Best Buy and they are going to exchange it for another one.

What do you want to bet that the exchangee will last forever, almost?


Zeta said...

Yes, I can vouch for these incidents. The legacy seems to live on. The DNA of these incidents does not pass from one generation to the next.

ol Doc said...

Speak for your own generation. DNA glitches are alive and well in this one.

The washer in our house now runs through the cycles, even though the lid is open. I think it's in violation of some safety regulation or other. It feels kind of nice when the spin cycle starts up, though - like a giant fan under your chin.

The dryer door won't stay closed unless the non-original swivel latch is engaged. Uncle T. installed it after we (I) got tired of the stick shimmying loose and the door crashing down against our (my)shins.

One of the stove burners refuses to heat and the oven doesn't obey the preset timer instructions. You have to engage the hour-timer and keep an eye on things.

Still, things could be worse. There's an old wringer washer body over in the woods across the road. In the good old days, folks just shoved the old appliances out the door. No such thing as installation AND pick up?

RANGER said...

That wringer washer body is someone's valuable planter. Can you imagine it in the front of the house, wreathed in Maidenhair Fern with Pothos climbing out of the rollers? Me neither.

Zeta can thank heaven that the DNA went sideways this time and not down the generations.