Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day past . . .

I have been collected like a parcel and conveyed to various places. First I conveyed my-own-self to Zeta's where she and I immersed ourselves in ribbons and wire. We had such a good time playing with color and textures. We even made an excursion to Michael's for more good stuff.

We sat near the back patio doors where two of Zeta's kitties were fascinated by what we were doing: trailing ribbon and empty ribbon spools rolling across the floor kept them entertained for hours. They were so exhausted by the activities they watched that they curled up like black and white commas on the mat and drifted to sleep.

Later, BigEd picked me up and, on the way home, we went by a new-to-us Chinese restaurant. BigEd went inside and asked for a menu.

We all decided to let the oriental establishment do our cooking that evening. BigEd went back to the place and brought home some Chicken Chow Mein, Moo Goo Gai Pan and Honey Garlic Chicken. It was delicious but contained more salt than I expected. It took a fair quantity of water to slake the thirst resulting from that deliciousness. I shall have to abstain, for a while.

But the day was so satisfying and productive. And the time? It had zipped and fled away from us.

It's a good day when that happens . . .


Zeta said...

Yes, we did have a wonderful time. Kitties are still playing by the backdoor wondering where did the person with the shiny toys go to.

ol Doc said...

What a deft word picture of the kitty commas asleep on the mat. We have a good new Chinese place at the Publix mall - called Yum's and you can see into the back where the chefs are cooking. It is clean! Their fried rice is wonderfully well done but I may order the Moo-Goo next time. I do like it.

Next time Suse comes, we also have Wasabi's and she loves sushi. You can also order off the grill menu so I won't be partaking of anything raw. My motto? If it ain't cooked it'd better still be swimming!