Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Neat . . .

Today, I got my car back from the Zeta and M auto detailing service. They did such a wonderful job on it and even added windshield washer fluid, which was low. The gas tank was topped up over-full, too.

All in all, their customer service ethic is superb.

Thank you so much, Zeta and M.


Zeta said...

I'm in class stealing a moment from my education reading the blogs. Nobody is watching me!!! This may be short if I get caught. Thank you for lendnig me your car while the PT is the the shop. Thank goodness for the extended warrenty. Thank goodness for Ranger-to-the-rescue. Life is good.

ol Doc said...

If Zeta and M Auto Detailing adds a North Florida branch, they'd be welcome to work their magic on our vehicles - while we hang out at Starbucks. Heh.