Saturday, April 25, 2009

A flight of . . . cranes

We have family members visiting from upstate: the capital to be exact. They arrived last night and we were so happy to have them here. We knew they had endured a long day of travel and still we kept them awake until after 1 a.m.. No one wanted to be the one to call it quits and retire. Finally, J said that they had to get some rest, so we let them do that.

Today, while they were out seeing other family members, I went to Origami class at the library. I had spent the whole week practicing three-part, triangular boxes and today we made star boxes and cranes, instead.

I have gotten fairly adept at the triangular boxes I had practiced: don't even need to consult the diagrams any more.

Today, we reverted to cranes. We need to practice the cranes, we were told.
My crane's legs made him appear physically challeged. Actually handicapped to be uncorrect and explicit. The legs transform into a tail and head with some reverse folding. After I finished, he looked mentally challenged, as well.

Then we blew them up which means we inflated the little body. It didn't require the use of ordinance . . . although that might have been kinder.


ol Doc said...

When you say you blow one up...where abouts do you find the place to put your lips? How fat do they get? Do they still look crane-like and graceful or do they look sort of dorky? When you blow one up, could you create a whistle if you folded the paper any different? You know,like a piece of grass held between the thumbs makes a sound. Could your crane make a noise as well? Would you happen to have any pictures of completed cranes both before and after inflation? I just think it's such a neat skill to be learning.

RANGER said...

This particular pitiful, handicapped crane doesn't deserve to have its picture taken. Also, I have put my origami paper away soooo carefully. I need a detective to find it. Still looking . . .