Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oops . . .

The new laptop may have been done a disservice when first I installed the wireless router using it instead of the PC. The laptop was hooked up to the docking station so it was connected via an ethernet cable.

A trial version of "Net Magic" came on the disk and I installed it, too. But, but, but, but, after switching the computers so that the PC was running the router and was hooked up to the ethernet cable, the laptop could not see the new network. Blind, it was, and pitiful.

During the laptop's install, it asked if I wanted to replace an existing router, I selected not to do that. So, hopefully, if I uninstall the new software from the laptop, the original Wireless N software that came with it will emerge glistening and shiny. One can hope. Otherwise, it will be either up to our own personal guru or the Geek Squad. It came with a Geek Squad setup system in the first place.

The router is lighted up and trying to be useful. But, not.

Details at eleven, or sometime . . .


ol Doc said...

Remember listening to Nila Mack's Let's Pretend Club? Well, let's pretend that we all understand Routers and Docking Stations and Net Magic.

Kind of like "Pumpkins turn into coaches, Lizards chasing Mice over the rocks....humph"...." If it doesn't come in a 4 record album set, some of us can't relate. Sigh

RANGER said...

FIU told me it was so easy to install the router: just follow the instructions on the disk, which I did.

But they assumed, I think, that I would use the PC for the set up. Not the laptop. The guru may have to pay me a visit. His close relative will inquire for me.