Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My eyes! My eyes!

It's not our electrical service or our telephone or DSL that is non-operational. It is the Comcast Cable service and our baseball team has an afternoon game, today. The outage is large which includes at least one node of circa 200 homes. Maybe more than one node is affected but the customer service reps don't really know. The really strange thing is that out of all the channels available to us on a usual day, only one has a picture at present.

This volunteer is the sole channel that shows Bambi and his relatives being brought down by sniper-scoped-appearing rifles borne by whispering trophy seekers. This is not my least favorite channel. It is a channel I would never watch.

Ironic, isn't it . . .


ol Doc said...

Are we absolutely sure it isn't a terror threat? I mean, BASEBALL, come on, now! And the only thing you can watch is a Kill Bambi show? Naw, got to be Bin Ladin. It can't be Comcast! They're our internet provider - whoops, there it goes down again - - - -

Zeta said...

LOL AuntDoc. Bambi and a sniper. I would change the channel too, if I could have.