Saturday, May 5, 2007


The pressure cooker to the left is slowly rocking its top and almost ready to lull me to sleep. It’s working on a pork roast, which was cut from a vacuum sealed, boneless loin courtesy of BJ’s shopping trek, yesterday.

The rest of the loin is on a cookie sheet, in the freezer, cut into boneless chops and another roast. We partially freeze the goodies so that the vacuum sealer can do its job without inhaling things besides air. This is really a good way to stretch a food buck.

Unless we get a hurricane.

Can you figure out the use for the little aluminum rod on the stovetop?


Big Ed said...

I believe the little aluminum rod has nothing to do with cooking. It has something to do with cross pollinating Hibiscus blossoms.

Zeta said...

Yes, I agree, the rod is used for cross pollinating Hibiscus blossoms. It would absolutely have nothing to with the silver knob on top of the handle with a small hole.

Ranger said...

This is deceptive and ranger apologizes. The little rod has nothing to do with the pressure cooker.

ol Doc said...

This humble person would have been scalded from holding the little silver rod in the steam evacuating from the hole under the rocker top - in order to sterilize it to cross pollinate Hibiscus?

Zeta said...

Humble person needs to keep medical insurance card handy when following Big Ed's gardening techniques.

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