Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Fruit of the ...

We have two coconuts, on opposite sides of the same tree, attempting to grow and ripen. They hang about level with my eyes, which will tell you how tall the tree isn't.

This one with the split husk may not make it to maturity. Not sure why it split. Anyone have an idea why?

The tree was a gift years ago, from E. He brought us a coconut that had just started to sprout and we planted it.

At least these aren't dusty.


Big Ed said...

The one with the split husk I'm not giving up on it. I got them about eleven years ago, gardening someone’s yard. The owner had coconut trees and I grabbed one that had a stem coming out of it. It took this long to sprout other coconuts and maybe, I will get another tree out of it.

ol Doc said...

Could the split be where another tree might be growing? If this was that old house on 7th Court, I'd think Daddy had been at the nut with his handy crowbar!