Monday, May 21, 2007

Surprise: rain = growth

The grass is getting sooo tall. We haven't had to mow it in so long that we've got out of the habit.

Do you think we could persuade the Toro to act like a Roomba?

Guess not.


Zeta said...

Twice a month, a Roomba stops by our house and trims the bougainvillea while mowing the yard. The Roomba Company is called “Green Boy Lawn Service.” The lawn service for our home changes often and as long as the lawn is mowed every two weeks, that's OK with me. Whoever has the most lawns to mow in the area seems to acquire most of the homes to use for income that month. A bill is placed in my mail box for me to write check for services rendered. After M. had his surgery and the boys went to work full-time, this seemed like the answer.

ol Doc said...

When our Roomba-outdoors first started charging 50.00 and acre and coming twice a month, we decided that was a bit much. (we have 3 acres under the house and 12.5 across the road)

The Treasure-Guy-Roomba cut the weeds that were sticking up over the grass, yesterday. We've had so little rain that there were lots of weed and not much grass but now the lawn looks a lot better!

Big Ed said...

Roomba Roomba Roomba!!! I don't know when I will be able to mow the lawn. Maybe Monday, we will see.

Ranger said...

No pressure, my dear Roomba, no pressure.