Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy ... lazy ... sweet!

Happy Mother's Day to all of us! I am sharing the floral part of mine with you. The sugar-free candy and the two kinds of Starbucks coffee are more difficult to bring to the 'net.

Plus, I'm not using the kitchen at all, today!

I hope your day has been as lazy and sweet as mine has.


Big Ed said...

Yes, I cooked diner, I used the car to brew some take out and voila, diner is served. I sure have injoyed the coffee.

ol Doc said...

Good Work, Big E!

Ranger said...

I surely am grateful, for everthing. And E is right, we are having Starbucks, fresh ground and home brewed, even as I type.

Good stuff!

Zeta said...

Even this morning ,as I am typing this paragraph from my office, Starbucks coffee is at my side. Yum good.