Tuesday, May 1, 2007

How many people does it take ...

This is the infamous light bulb for the microwave. It arrived yesterday by mail. I half expected an armored truck to make the delivery.

take more than one of us to install this baby.


Big Ed said...

I hope you have the right light bulb for the job. It would be a shame if it wasn't. There is still light in the microwave. I havn't noticed a thing, nor have I missed the old light bulb. Life hasn't changed a bit for me and this light bulb.

Zeta said...

Kinda small for $22.00, and the color is natural. The little perks of life are worth spending money, and some examples are, Star Bucks coffee, Splenda cheese cake, anything cobalt blue and shoes. Tires 4 Less sold me four times which are reliable, pretty cool looking, and completely round on top and bottom. Michelin tires are usually reliable, and we are sorry to hear about the troubles they have caused.

ol Doc said...

Maybe the bulb color acts on food like an aquarium light does on fish. You know, makes them look really bright and appealing as they dart around. Maybe Turkey hamburger will resemble London Broil?

We wore out goodyear tires the same way as your Michelins - bulges and then bubbles and then ka-blowie. I did notice more nails in Miami than I seem to get upstate. Maybe instead of asking if they had been recalled, the question to ask was shouldn't they be?

Ranger said...

FWIW, the Michelin rep volunteered the info that they had not had trouble with the kinds of tires we are using.

The vendor we took 'em back to for repairs says we have 80 percent of the tread remaining. Go figure.