Monday, April 30, 2007

Find a wheel ...

We bought four Michelin tires a while ago. Three have achieved flattened status in the past 12 months: one with a sidewall bubble, one leaking air through the valve stem, and one with an embedded nail. We take full credit for the nail, ourselves.

On two separate occasions, a tire refused to remain round while E was driving to his new place of work.

(He recently passed the State Licensing Exam for his chosen profession. Congratulations E! The State doesn't grade on the curve, for sure.)

Nonetheless, using a flat tire as an excuse for being late twice in a month seems to demonstrate a certain lack of imagination.

In an effort to be proactive, we telephoned Michelin to ask if these particular tires had been recalled. They have not. We also asked that the other tires be checked today when the valve was replaced. No problems were found.

We’ll just see how long they remain circular.

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Big Ed said...

I feel it is a matter of time before the fourth tire goes. This is getting frustrating, I'm glad I didn't lose a tire when I was far up the road. I've called AAA for all three times to get the tire exchanged. I didn't know how to use the jack the car had till I watched the last guy use it to change the tire. It is a process to use to lift the car. I'm still not so sure how to use the jack if I had to use it.