Friday, April 13, 2007

Same critter, different dilemma

I was sitting in the car yesterday, in our driveway, in a violent storm that had made me take a u-turn on 107th Avenue, and go home to wait it out. As it let up, I saw the mama 'possum cross the street into our yard, go along the fence to the gate, fumble along the base of the gate until she found the right place, and squeeze under it. I phoned J to tell him to look out back for her.

She went to the back fence, J reported later, came back around the shed and went into the back hibiscus hedge. She must have moved her family from the roof drip line in the front to the lowest, most water retaining area in back.

I wish I could leave her a note of condolence. She needs a FEMA trailer.


Zeta said...

If Mama Possum waits long enough; there may be a FEMA trailer available after this hurricane season. If not, we could always create a floating plastic box so they can sail across the yard using a long rope. Or they could have a condo like Mew does if we create a second level floor by the fence using plywood. Just a few thoughts.

Ranger said...

Thank you for not suggesting we leave the shed open. Don't want a critter with that many teeth living in it.

ol Doc said...

In the wild, she'd be running along between the trees in the woods and sheltering her baby under the oak.... funny she adapts so well as to run along a fence, then under it then to her hidden place. She probably thinks she needs a beach umbrella embedded in the grass with a platform to keep the brood dry. Maybe some old rags to keep warm.