Thursday, April 12, 2007

In five seconds, this tape will destruct ...

Today, I have to undertake a dangerous assignment. We are almost out of cat food.

The internet says that Pro Plan dry cat food is safe and Mew does scarf it up. Not like she used to devour Fancy Feast, but this is better for her teeth, quoth the veterinarian. However, it contains wheat gluten and so I have been seeking a dry food that doesn't.

Pet Promise dry food, from Wild Oats on the Dixie Highway, doesn't contain wheat. But Wild Oats hasn't contained any Pet Promise either. Empty shelves.

Today I checked for sites that list safe pet food products. The Pro Plan that we get from Mew's vet is made by Purina. I looked up Pet Promise and what company do you suppose makes it? Purina.

At this rate, our salad croutons are probably made by Purina, too.


Susan said...

I am sure that if it came down to it, she would be willing to split a RibEye Steak with you guys.

ol doc said...

I don't think I can ever look at a another salad crouton in the same way as before that Purina posting! You know, Antigone's dry kibble even looks a little bit like something that you'd sprinkle over leafy greens - and when she's outside she does eat grass.... Oh my goodness, you're onto something here!

Ranger said...

Susan, if it came to a choice of ribeye for me or splitting it with Mew, she'd be in trouble.

See, she can't floss and I can.