Tuesday, April 10, 2007


The local news media say it is time for our water supply to be "fooled with" again. Well, they didn't actually say fooled with. They called it treating the water. As if it were sick.

The water company is going to add pungent, free chlorine instead of tame, combined chlorine for the next two weeks. It is so fearsome, they felt they had to warn us.

And recently we have been put under water use restrictions. Less really is more.


ol doc said...

Up in Columbia, well water rarely requires any assist - unless one has a suspicious affinity for "talking on the big porcelain phone". In that case it is a good thing to have the well checked at the health department and if they discover bacteria in the sample - you buys a bag-o'chlorene and sprinkles it down the pipe and then runs the water until the smell is gone. A recheck tells you if that did the job or not.

Cost of a water sample check: -0-
Price of a bag of chlorene: $4.95
Saving the water, one well at a time: PRICELESS!

Ranger said...

Remember the "whale" water? Good stuff and I doubt it ever needed a bit of chemical additive. Maybe now-a-days, it might.