Friday, April 27, 2007

Miu or Mew?

We tried to change her name to Miu instead of Mew. Sounded less mundane that way. But, she got her name by answering a question on the order of, "Well hello, who are you?"

She conscripted us and we have been her volunteers for duty ... almost six years now.


Zeta said...

AAAwwww, she is so precious. She makes me want to squeeze the kitty kitty with a nice hug. She is so lucky to have her volunteers take such good care of her while on duty for six years. Some of her luxuries are: Mom, Dad company, air conditioning, kitty condos, healthy food, news paper rides, teeth care, toys, window scenery, sun bathing, and a nice warm room to sleep in with Ed. What more could she ask for.

Ranger said...

Perhaps more rapid service at breakfast time? Or more feather toys.

Big Ed said...

One thing unusual about her is that she has yet to miss the sandbox. She gets it done at least once or sometinmes twice a day and that seems to make a difference.