Monday, April 9, 2007

TV ... Power

Our cable provider is changing the channel lineups, again, after we have our firm friend and bare acquaintance channel numbers memorized. Yes, yes, there is a "favorites" button on the remote but my favorites are not necessarily the favorites of the various sports enthusiasts in the family.

One member of our family would rather be french fried and drained than watch anything like golf. The pain would be unbearable, I understand.

Ah, but I have my own personal remote.


Ol Doc said...

I have set the timer on our satellite box to turn to Robin Hood at 9pm on Saturdays. I am the only one in the household who knows how to do this and therefore don't need any other equipment. We're sitting there, watching Golf or Boxing or Auto Racing and then, poof - we's watching a guy in green running through the forest shooting arrows at the bad guys! I love it!

Ranger is said...

Oh, it must run in families. Robin Hood is that good, huh?

ol doc said...

Yeah, I like it. He has come back to England from fighting the Infidel and is accompanied by his man-servant/helper/foil who is played funny. Last week they saved a Moorish female from being a slave in a mine and she repaid them by joining the band. Manservant at the end of the show was praying to G-d that he'd give up eating for a while and was asking for a sign of G-d's will. Two rabbits are tossed beside him. No one is in sight. A fire is lit in front of him. No one is in sight. He thinks he's going to eat!
Robin calls to the little female to show herself. She stands, magnifying glass in hand (fire starter) and takes credit for the rabbit carcasses.

Manservent says it must have been G-d's will that he have the food because the fire is still going and asks for a sign as he puts the meat in his mouth.

Thunder is heard.

Thweep - the food shoots out of manservant's mouth and he hunkers down resigned to going without dinner.

Maid Marion is the daughter of the former Sheriff who the current evil sheriff has replaced.

As the trailer said, it's like Star Wars plunked down in the middle of Sherwood Forest.

Well, I like it.

Susan said...

Madison does that pre-programming with our satellite! He will go ahead, sometimes a week, and set the tuner to switch to Sci-Fi. I am happily watching some reality TV show then poof.

Ranger is said...

Aside to Susan: is it stuck or can you change it back with the remote?

Susan said...

It is not stuck, I can change it back after telling the remote that it is OK to interrupt the pre-programming. The only problem is, I rarely remember the channel # that I was on...