Saturday, April 21, 2007


The State still loves me. A driver's license renewal notice came in today's mail. Inside, on the return card above the address was a web site for renewal on line. Also included in the envelope was a notice from the credit card company that I use on line.

It is the one that has better safeguards for on line transactions than other credit cards we have the misfortune to own.

This particular credit card company is offering a $5 gas card if the driver's license is renewed on line using the only card I ever use.

At today's prices, that's worth
just over a gallon and a half of regular? Ah well, free is worth a 39 cent stamp before that price goes up, too.

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ol Doc said...

Did you ever doubt-it? I am also beloved of a governmental agency - those federal jury duty folks out of Jacksonville forgave my summons to duty in April. Mostly because the doctor wrote a letter advising them there was no way I could drive that far - what with the right shoulder joint impingement. I faxed it from work. Checked it when I got home and viola! I was free, free, free - uh, I mean excused from serving. We are in the midst of physical therapy, should any governmental agencies be reading this Blog comment.....