Friday, April 20, 2007

I see, I see ...

BBC America aired a marathon reprise of the first Robin Hood episodes last Sunday and we captured it with the DVR. J and I are currently holding our own viewing marathon.

Our marathon has to be tucked in around Heat & Marlins games for J and Survivor - Bones - Shark - Poirot - Holmes - Midsommer for both of us. Plus time out to read.

Now for confession: we had started to watch the first episode as it aired live, but turned it off when the sidekick seemed so truly dumb that we didn’t think much of it or him. It took a recommendation from someone who continued to watch from where we wimped out to make us go back and try again. Comparing it to Star Wars didn’t hurt, either.

I expect to see a Wookie step from behind a tree any moment. Thanks, 01 doc.


ol Doc said...

There is a website that introduces each character/actor. I'd thought the sidekick was March. Turns out the name is Much.

On the weekend, they ran a marathan including The Taxman Cometh episode. It was timely for the April 15th/16th deadline.

Keith Allen who plays the Sheriff was on the Brit Awards and warmly greeted when he came out to present an award. He rolled his eyes and said he had no idea Robin Hood was so popular!

Big Ed said...

I don't watch TV, I contemplate the workings of the universe.

Zeta said...

We found a series of Robin Hood shows from the past in the Demand portion of our cable channel's preview area. We have watched three shows so far, and thumbs up on this one.
Ed, what about sports? Ahaa.

Ranger said...

We found RH number 7 and watched it, on demand, today. We felt so pleased about finding it. But, Zeta and Co. are way ahead of us, on this.