Friday, April 6, 2007

What equals love ... and pasta?

We were given some jars of Flora pasta sauce by Zeta and M. It is a no salt added product which sounds dismal, yes? But no, really good. We can jazz it up with a little added meat, onion, tabasco, onion/garlic powders and whatever else occurs to us. Just not salt.

At the same time, they also gave us boxes of Dreamfields Pasta. Now, this was a really thoughtful combination. Low salt sauce plus low carb pasta equals love.

Now, spaghetti night can happen. Getting the Flora is the problem. That takes a serious drive waaaay down the Dixie Highway to the large Publix where the gift-Flora came from.

Our nearest Publix is not the smallest store you have ever visited, but close. I have asked them to see if they can order Flora. I have to take an empty jar in so that they can scan the bar code. Perhaps they will also want me to drop by and stock the shelves when it comes in ....

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