Monday, April 16, 2007

Doing something about the weather ...

It was 54 degrees at 7:15 am. It seems that if I consider putting away my bits of winter clothing, it causes another cold front to sweep down. The weather personalities do actually refer to it as cold, not cool. A relative term, depending.

It required a slipping into sweater to bring in the newspapers. I had to actually put my arms into the sleeves, would you believe it? And zip it all the way up. This particular sweater came from upstate and is heavier than the airy things available locally.

I promise I won't store it away until the end of May.


Zeta said...

Burrr... Yes, it is colder than we are used to. If the wind would just stop once in a while so I can run to my car or water the plants without my hair getting tangled. Your Grandson went to work in a short sleeve shirt stating, it has a tee shirt underneath. I firmly believe his body temperature is much higher than the rest of us in the world.

ol Doc said...

Can we say 40 degrees (and rainy)? That was what it felt like temperature-wise when that storm passed through. Actually #1-Grandson has the right idea. Layer, layer - LAYER.