Thursday, April 19, 2007

Window to ...

We are still dissecting the window sales presentation of yesterday. That did not, however, keep us from contacting another vendor. We feel like old hands at this estimate stuff, now.

We don't need the Rolls Royce of windows - the kind of windows which do everything but sprout little arms and wash themselves. The building code for our county is the most stringent in the country. We just need a product which complies with that code.

I don't think Mew will ever feel safe in a storm, no matter what window she's looking through.


ol Doc said...

I think Mew is right to feel threatened by a storm through glass. Even if they say the glass will withstand high speed winds and direct hits from limbs, I'd just as soon have an awning over the glass - boards or something!

Big Ed said...

That is the reaction of most cats.