Saturday, May 26, 2007

You never know ...

Yesterday afternoon, a careless driver rear-ended E who was was sitting, stopped in traffic, on the entrance ramp to I-95. The person said he looked down at his cell phone when it rang. Wonderful excuse, no?

Our left side of the back bumper has the other person's paint scraped on it and the tailpipe is loose. We can't report it to the insurance company until Tuesday. The car is driveable.

E is taking Advil to keep the stiffness gremlins at bay. He says he is okay, however getting himself moving this morning has been somewhat snail-like. But it could have been a lot worse.

Thank you, Lord.


ol Doc said...

Amen to the Thank You!

Those stiffness gremlins do make it hard to go from horizontal to vertical in one swift and graceful movement, should one care to. Or, one can roll out of bed onto the floor and then attempt to raise oneself up in stages. Whatever works best.

Big Ed said...

Moanin and groanin, if I roll onto the floor I just have longer to rise up to. Sitting up in bed didn't feel good however, I eventually got moving. I'm sure this will all come to pass.

Zeta said...

I'm sorry this happened to you Big ed. Sometimes I wonder if we should remove the round bulls-eye target from behind our cars. The same thing happened to me a few months back, and I was stopped minding by own business as well. Our cars are pretty big, clean, and equipped with several bright red brake lights.