Thursday, May 31, 2007

Good news

The news is excellent. Our sister-in-law became responsive today. She has been removed from ICU. She recognizes family members and asked for a coke and a Big Mac, according to her husband.

Thank you for the prayers and wishes for her recovery. I told her husband about those who joined in praying for her. He said to thank everyone, and that we just did not know how hard he had been praying, himself. You never know how much, he said, until it is your loved one in that condition.

So, thank you. And most of all, thanks to The Lord.


ol Doc said...

Great news to hear - will continue prayers for improvement and did she actually get a Big Mac??

Ranger said...

When I spoke with him, he just told me she had asked. I doubt she got one, at least not yet.

Continued prayers are truly appreciated.

Shea said...

So happy to hear that!!! Will keep her in my prayers. :)