Sunday, October 28, 2007

Did you notice ...

On the New York Times Best Seller List, numbers 11 and 12 are listed one below the other, like this:

RUN, by Ann Patchett

SHOOT HIM IF HE RUNS, by Stuart Woods

I’ve been laughing to myself for a while about this unintended humor. Last week, they were numbers 8 and 9, in the same order.


ol Doc said...

Don't you just love it! I've got to read the Stuart Woods one... love the way he tells a story. I keep turning back to Zeta's blog about writing with a broken pencil... pointless. Heh, heh.

Know what the vampire said to his wife as he shaved in the morning? "Honey, we've got to get a new mirror in here, this old one is no reflection on you." Pointless, too.

Zeta said...

LOL, the two books sound as if they are having a conversation.

"Run! Huh shoot him if he runs!"

Ann Patchett is missing an "e".

Big Ed said...

If a Vampire sees his reflection he is no longer hunted.

There is probably someone out there with the last name Patchett spelled differently and saying that last name is spelled wrong too.

RANGER said...

If a vampir sees his reflection, he is missing Ann "e."

Bad wizards can't spell, either. It's just "pointless" for them to try, no?

Oh, on a roll, here. Or rolling over the edge ...