Wednesday, October 31, 2007

People in high places ...

On Thursday of last week, J hung up the wall mounted telephone in the dining room. Not with force or even a little banging. The top of the mount came loose from the wall. So we unplugged the cordless base and notified the telephone company. They sent someone, the next day, who replaced the jack. We assumed we were back in business.

Friday and Saturday were quiet days. I checked my cell phone messages Saturday afternoon and found that callers who tried the house phone had been hearing a "busy" signal and had assumed we were using it.

That doesn't happen with our setup. Either callers are invited to leave a message on our machine or, if someone in our house (and I'm naming no names) is ignoring Caller ID while using the phone, incoming callers hear an interminable ringing. One never hears the "busy" tone. I tried from the mobile line. Busy, busy, busy.

Aha. This was not rocket science, right? I called Zeta from my cell phone and asked her to report it as I didn't have the number for the repair service on my cell. She said she would.

They didn't report it, however. Zeta and M went back to his work, got his bag of tricks, and brought it over after dinner. M (who gently took us to task for not calling him in the first place) performed some benign magic and presented us with a working phone system.

Thank you so much M. We're back in business, again, for real.

Oh, it's nice to know people in high places ...


Zeta said...

Your very welcome. "Hum, someone in your house is ignoring the Caller ID while using the phone?" Yes, I do know who that is. LOL. Beep, beep, just a small speed bump.

Big Ed said...

I hate it when that person ignores me on the phone. I do have a way out for there is one other of us that has a mobile phone. It is mainly used for shopping when a choice is needed at the store.

RANGER said...

Useful little devices, cell phones.

We surely were down to using just the mobiles before M and Zeta came to our rescue.