Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mileage ... weather

It is possible to experience an evanescent range of weather by means of starting your car and leaving. Going. Fleeing the scene.

Moving along an interstate highway, one can experience having a dirty, low-lying swirl of vapor recede in the rear view mirror. Fleeting blue rises ahead only to give way to what appears to be the greenish sky of a tornado front. The car moves through whole day's experiences for the roadside dweller and chooses a different climate, just down the road.

But, one must finally arrive at a destination and the weather there might make you wish to look for calmer air.

We were treated to a
lightning storm which was our own experience for the afternoon. We were finally stuck; our house gets zero miles to the gallon.


Big Ed said...

Welcome home, missed you all, it has been dreary down here while you left. I didn't know castles could throw long range curses after being stormed.

ol Doc said...

Welcome back to Blogging. We've missed that, although enjoyed luncheon and visiting and just the face-time! :)

Ranger said...

I want to pour myself a cuppa tea; add some Splenda and milk; then settle down at 01 doc's table for a fine time. I really miss my pantry down the street. Have you got a cup of (insert preference here) that I can borrow?

ol Doc said...

We-e-ell, the lot next door is vacant - wouldn't even have to cross the road!

Tea and talk are all ready when you are!