Saturday, June 23, 2007


This has been a disorienting weekend, somehow. All yesterday, I was persuaded it was Saturday. Today feels like a Sunday except that the television is convinced it should run the Saturday schedule today. How absurd.

Tomorrow, the SunPass will be available at a deep discount, locally. No, wait, tomorrow is not Monday, so the SunPasses will be on sale the day after tomorrow. Currently that day is an unknown quantity.

Fixation is a funny condition, no?


ol Doc said...

Some days, the only way I know the date and the day is to let the mouse curser linger over that little time icon on the system tray. Or, over the calendar icon. I don't like to hover over the calendar icon - it tells me what all I have scheduled. That may be just a bit too much information!

Zeta said...

Is the Sunpass online or do you have to visit Publix to get the discount. What type of discount are we writing about. Fify-percent off the Sunpass purchase?

Big Ed said...

All I know is that I better keep my days straight. I can't have my work days mixed up. See what having all the time in the world does to ya.

Ranger said...

SunPass is $8 plus change at some SW section Commissioner's offices for half a day, 300 passes available at each locale.

Perhaps I just wish it were a new week.

Zeta said...

Thank you.