Tuesday, June 5, 2007

No lines, no waiting ...


Pork chops baked with Hawaiian barbecue sauce
Blackeye peas
Green bean casserole

Bread 'n butter pickles
Black olives

Steamed Chicago rolls, with B & B and Guava jelly

Sugar free ice cream sandwiches

's mom is coming for lunch, tomorrow. Green beans are her favorite vegetable. The chops should fall off the bone. If all goes well, I hope we can waddle away from the table afterward.


Big Ed said...

work, work, work, there is no rest for me.

Susan said...

I'll be there around noon, OK? :)

Zeta said...

Work, work, work, for me too. Calgon, take me away. If the time was earlier in the day, I would have joined everyone as well. Monday and Wednesdays are my marathon days.

ol Doc said...

I guess I'll work, too. But visions of pork chops fallin' off the bone will be dancing in my head.

Ranger said...

Waddle, waddle. This is me, needing a nap.